Montana State PTA History

"1915 - 1965"

The articles below are from author: Helen K. Micka’s book: History of the Parent Teacher Association in Montana, 1915-1965. The book can be found at the University of Montana Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library.

Sincere gratitude, thanks, and all credits go to Helen K. Micka

MT PTA: 1915

Great Falls Convention: 1917

WW I, Dress Codes, Health and Welfare: 1918

3 PTA Districts in Montana: 1927

10 Years: PTA Growth: 1918-1928

Fancy Hats and Furs: Butte 1929

WWII & Youth Struggles: 1943

MT PTA Conventions: 1915-1964

National Congress Bulletin: 1964-1965

Milestones Along the Way 1897-1962