PTA and the Law

PTA and the Law

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Teacher Strikes - MT PTA Position

This booklet has been designed to help you understand the laws that govern or otherwise affect your PTA or PTSA local unit or council.  Your PTA is governed and regulated by the same laws that affect other nonprofit organizations in the State of Montana.  It is also subject to federal laws governing 501(c)(3) organizations.  This booklet provides only basic information about the laws it covers.  It is not intended to provide you with legal advice about any particular circumstance.  It is intended to provide you with only general information about the law. 


To fully answer a question or concern, or to fully understand the implications of a law affecting your PTA, you may need additional information. 

If you have a specific question or concern, contact the Montana PTA Office for help at (406) 628-9007, P.O. Box 1269, Laurel, MT  59044