Treasure STATE PTA

Treasure State PTA is a statewide local PTA unit

A Treasure STATE PTA membership is perfect for:

  • people who support PTA and are looking for an alternative to traditional membership

  • people who do not have access to an active local PTA unit in their community

  •  parents who no longer have children in school or don’t wish to participate actively in a local PTA unit

  •  community leaders, businesses, and legislators who support PTA

  •  retired educators

  •  school administrators

  •  past local, council, and state PTA board of directors

  •  anyone who wishes to support PTA beyond the local unit

Your $15 annual dues assure you of the benefits of a Treasure STATE PTA Membership which includes:

  • Montana and National PTA membership and membership card

  • a subscription to the Montana PTA Bulletin  (the official publication of the Montana PTA) which will be sent via e-mail

  •  the opportunity to attend Montana PTA Convention as a non voting delegate upon registration and payment of member discounted registration fees

  •  participation in  National PTA member only promotions offered through the National PTA web site


Treasure STATE PTA Information:


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